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Gilly CC...

...trained and worked as a newspaper reporter, then moved into book publishing as a writer and editor at the Automobile Association and Drive magazine; project editor for Readers Digest special books; commissioning editor at HarperCollins natural history; freelance, troubleshooting project manager at Dorling Kindersley; Head of Reference at Quarto Publishing and manager of the children's list at Anness/Lorenz.  Returned to journalism at various stages, writing for the English-language press and editing magazines in Greece, and travel and property articles for The Sunday Times , Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Country Walking and others. In 2002, set up a walking holiday business with husband Robin, in the Cyclades islands, Greece. We bought a house in an acre of vineyard and olive grove on Naxos and lived and worked there for half the year for the next 18 years. We sold the business in 2018, and are now selling the house (see Greek Island Living).  Now, as always, moving on to the next book,  publicity and press release work, choral-singing, painting, and more exploring on foot.

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